January has gone, days are longer, the first month of the 366 day project is behind me. It’s not easy to capture my life day by day, lack of free time, lack of light and wet weather outside would not help me. However my lovely children are great inspiration for me. Here we go – our January, day by day 🙂

IMG_1342IMG_1366IMG_1409IMG_1635print IMG_1510aIMG_1582printIMG_2432IMG_1659printIMG_1704printIMG_1741printIMG_1785printIMG_1802IMG_1842printIMG_1958printIMG_2018printIMG_2107printIMG_2179printIMG_2191printIMG_2213print20160119_153219printIMG_2259printIMG_2265IMG_2234IMG_2288IMG_2297IMG_2314IMG_2328IMG_2370IMG_2409IMG_2456IMG_2519

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